Hundreds of Feet Over Times Square.

In the background of every major event, there are a thousand little things that have to be done first. For this shot, Larry climbed out on a ledge high above Times Square with the crew that was replacing all of the lights in the New Years ball with energy efficient bulbs.

Tower West.

Often times when our clients relocate, or re decorate we are brought in to photograph their new spaces. Both to show the space and to show the graphic elements incorporated into the design. Here Jeff was in the west tower of an anonymous building and came across this view while looking up on his way … Continued


Aside from photographing working professionals, we also work with the stores that they shop at, selling them. Jeff was in one of Manhattans 5th Avenue stores photographing for an editorial piece and this was one of the leftovers.

Before the Event.

Often before an event starts, whomever coordinated the evening will ask us to capture a few shows of the room before people have arrived sat down, or moved a thing. This is just one of the many nights where Jeff began shooting with nothing but empty tables in front of him.

Chief Marketing Officer Summit.

While covering the CMO Summit of a global executive search firm, Jeff captured this image. Bringing the discussion in with a bold statement, “What Do You Want From Me?” All we can ask our clients is What Would You Like From Us?

Hi-Tech Dentistry.

To show off their new hi-tech dental office, a dentist in the suburbs of New Jersey called upon Camera 1 to come in. While there, Jeff not only photographed head shots of the doctors and hygienists, but also set up scenarios around the office, from their new X-Ray displaying software, to the relaxed chairs that … Continued

Olympic Medalist Donny Robinson.

Along with shooting and working on the post production side of things at Camera 1, Patrick finds his way around the country to cover BMX Racing for This portrait of 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist and 2009 World Champion in BMX, Donny Robinson, ran along side an interview discussing his new line of Hyper Bikes … Continued