JDRF’s Children Congress

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Every couple years, the whole Camera 1 crew, has the opportunity to photograph and document JDRF’s Children’s Congress event. Over 150 children, and many adults, affected both directly and indirectly by type 1 diabetes travel to Washington DC in order to bring awareness to the disease and the hardships faced by those who live with … Continued

Event Photographer Price NYC

2014.6.27 Puerto Rico Tourism Company presents a Tropical Night
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Here at Camera 1 we take great pride in producing a quality product and we keep our clients coming back with some of the most competitive event photographer prices nyc has to offer. It has never been easier to find an event photographer.  While it may be easy to find beautiful photographs, it can be a … Continued

Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton & camera 1 crew
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One of our regular financial clients recently hired us for a special event. In addition to event photography, the job involved providing high quality souvenir prints of their guests with another, very special guest of theirs, Hillary Clinton. Like most photo shoots involving public figures or celebrities, the job was fast paced and there was … Continued