We regularly get requests from people to shoot a photo of one of their executives or award recipients that will be used in a group photo that is being shot somewhere else in the country or world. Recently we photographed Terence Conley, a senior executive of Travelport that would be stripped into a group photo that was being done in Europe. Here is the shot of Terry on set as well as the final product.

The process of adding someone to a group photo usually has a handful of steps.

  1. Identify the photo that you will be adding the individual to
  2. Figure out their placement.  In many instances they will  be standing up and with a little photoshop magic, added to the back row of their corporate group photo.  In this case, we had to photograph Terence in a chair and light him in a very specific manner.
  3. Once we identified where they would end up in the photo, we either do a photo shoot on location or have the individual come into our  NYC photo studio to get the second half of the source material.
  4. This is there the magic happens.  A lot of careful moves in photoshop creates the illusion that the executive group photo was shot all at once rather than faked and built in post production.