With our Professional Business Headshots packages created exclusively for corporate executives and professionals in New York City.

Invest in yourself.

If you’re in the job market and hoping to move into a higher role or work with a better team, the $3-400 investment you make in a new headshot will easily be eclipsed by your signing bonus and new salary. If you’re chasing a $30,000 raise your $300 investment could give you a return of 10,000x. Try finding a better ROI anywhere else.


Professional Business Headshots NYC Package Details

professional business headshots nyc

The Basic Headshot Package

• 15-minute studio session
• 25 High Res Images (Unretouched)
• Easy to download digital gallery
• Image processing and color correction
• Limited Usage for Social Media and Web
professional business headshots nyc

Professional Business Headshots

• 30-minute studio session
• 1 Custom Retouched Final Image
• Custom Lighting To Match Any Necessary Specifications
• Review Of Images Throughout The Shoot
• 25 High Res Images (Unretouched)
• No restriction on rights or usage
CEO headshots nyc

Custom CEO Portrait Photography

A Tailor-Made Portfolio Of Images To Fit Your Needs
• Done Either In Our Studio Or Your Office
• Easy To Download And Share Images For Internal And External Uses
• Image processing and color correction
• Images Available For Full Buyout

*Additional fees apply for retouching and rush processing.

Location work is available with additional fees.  An excellent way to get your whole team photographed efficiently and get some team photos if needed as well.  If you have a particular need please let us know and we can work together to build a custom package that will suit you best.

Check out our blog post for some corporate headshot tips before coming in for your session as well.

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A few reasons to consider updating your professional business headshot in NYC

Is Your Current Headshot Is 10 Years Old?

So often people let their corporate headshots live forever as their LinkedIn profile photo.  Is your current LinkedIn profile picture from college or from when you first setup your profile?  People always ask us how often they should get a new headshot.  Our rule of thumb is somewhere around the 3-5 year mark. Your professional headshot should resemble the person showing up to the meeting, not the person you were 5 years ago.

Have A Great First Impression

Your LinkedIn profile photo is often the first impression a hiring manager will have of you.  If you are job hunting, a current professional headshot will represent you and show that you hold yourself in higher standards than James whose profile photo is him at an event without the beer bottle not quite completely cropped out of the frame. With everything else equal in that scenario, who do you will get a call back first?

A Clean New Business Headshot for Your Company Profile

Is your current corporate headshot a dark photo taken when you were dressed well, but on an iPhone in a poorly lit area? I recommend a nice clean background for a corporate headshot. With the image being so small, I tend to recommend a background that is a simple gray or white so that they can be the focus of the image. Sure you may have an incredible view from your office, but the truth of the matter for an environmental portrait, you need to be able to see the whole image, once cropped up tight for most uses, the background doesn’t matter as much.

Building Your Personal Brand

Your business headshot is part of your personal brand, it is important to keep it consistent with the way you look and the attitude that surrounds you. I deal with thousands of individuals every year who are having a new headshot done for LinkedIn or their corporate directory. When we sit down together and review the images, the most important topic that comes up is what kind of clients they are dealing with. A lawyer headshot can vary depending on the type of work they do, someone dealing with trusts and estates might look much much different than a white collar litigator.


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