How much do headshots cost?  

How much do headshots cost?   Well it depends….   The rates for photographers specializing in headshots varies wildly.  From the $75 Craigslist photographer to the $3000 celebrity photographer and every price point in between. A few of the ways photographers determine their pricing is by blocking out a specific amount of time, basing their … Continued

How We Efficiently Create The Best CEO Portraits

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Creating the Best CEO Portraits in NYC Handling all sort of corporate photography – headshots, portraits of corporate executives, corporate events is what our photo studio in New York City does best.  Working with some of the largest law firms and banks in the country we deal with every level within the organization.  Each year we … Continued

The Best NYC Corporate Event Venues

When working with your event planner for your next Corporate Event in NYC, the first thing you need to do is find an amazing venue.  Staying within your budget while trying to also keep your events feeling fresh is a struggle, especially in Midtown Manhattan.  We’ve gone through our archives and put together a list of some of the best corporate event venues NYC has to offer.  Whether you need a large event space or something a little more intimate, New York has endless possibilities.  We hope out shortlist can inspire your next corporate event in New York City.

What To Wear For A Headshot?

What Should I Wear For My Professional Headshot? When it comes to getting a professional business headshot, we have to stop for a moment and realize we are talking about a personal brand.  The image on your firms website or LinkedIn are often the first things someone will see when they search your name.  Below … Continued

10 Tips for Doctors Headshots To Make You Look Your Best

Tips For Doctors Headshots Do you need to have a new headshot done?  Hi, I’m Pat Nugent, a professional photographer in NYC who’s been doing all sorts of headshots for over 10 years. I’ve taken headshots for hundreds of doctors, business executives, real estate agents and people in just about every industry. For a lot … Continued