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Medical Residency Application Photos in NYC 2022

Congratulations on becoming a Doctor! I know that the past 18 months have had to have been quite taxing, so please let us help you prepare for the next chapter of your career as a medical resident.

I photograph a couple of medical school commencements each spring and hear the countless stories of sleepless nights and an over abundance of caffeine. I know that the time you took off this summer was very necessary – earned. Now it’s time to change gears and remember what all of the work was for.

With residency submission deadlines looming, you have reached the final challenge: Capturing the perfect headshot for your ERAS application photo.

We will help you make this photo the easiest part of the process for you. Every year we meet hundreds of newly minted corporate attorneys, bankers and doctors. On their way out of the studio, 99% of them comment on how simple, efficient and painless the process was. We will give you that same experience.


  • A professional headshot that will have you looking great for your ERAS submission photo
  • Light coaching to help you feel comfortable and look confident but approachable
  • Provide us with the specs and we will makes sure your ERAS Photo is sized correctly
  • Two Business Day Turnaround
  • 25% discount if you book as a group of 3 or more
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Hi, I’m Patrick Nugent, lead photographer at Camera 1.

Over the past 10-years I’ve helped countless people like you at critical times in their careers to improve their personal image. It all starts with a professional headshot. You need a strong personal brand to be taken seriously in today’s medical business environment. Your profile photo is the first thing people see when they search for you. Cut through the competition and draw the right attention.


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Have a Great First Impression

There are a lot of unconscious bias’ in the world, having a great headshot on your photo for ERAS will help you cut though that a bit. In a digital world,  looking professional in your headshot or bio is the first impression anyone has about you – your credentials matter more than anything in the end, don’t let the gate keeper have any doubt going into it!

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A Few Tips for your 2021 ERAS Photo Submissions

A Clean Background

I do headshots for people in all walks of life, though my clientele typically skews more corporate. Even at the highest level of any corporate pillar a simple white or grey background is our standard. We can help you with the stylized environmental portraits when you write your op-ed’s and cross into that phase of your life, for now keep it simple.

ERAS Photo Size in 2021

The common  size needed is 2.5″ x 3.5″ at 150 dpi, with a maximum file size of less than 100 KB.  If your ERAS photo requirements are different or more specific we can deliver exactly what is needed.

Dress For The Job You Want

Any time someone asks me for advice on how they should dress, my immediate response is to dress the way you would for a job interview or a meeting with your most important client. You want your clothing to be simple and timeless. This adds longevity to your headshot and also leaves one less reason for a snap judgment before your application has been read.

Be Comfortable With Yourself

Take. Deep breath. Take a look in the mirror and practice a few expressions.  As Doctor you will be the ultimate ‘client facing’ person there is. Show that in your headshot, a smile, focus and engage with the eyes. you can be confident while looking both approachable, serious and friendly. I see it every day.

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