In 2022 are executive portraits still important?

Executive portraits are more important than ever!  With the transformation into the Zoom world, it is becoming more and more rare to have face to face meetings, so having a great online presence is more important than ever.  Any time you are working on a deal or transaction with a new business, one of the first things anyone will do is google your name and see what comes up – of course having great credentials is a must, but looking great along side them is the icing on the cake! 

Why do I need executive branding photography?

As businesses move deeper and deeper into a digital foot print, branded photography becomes more important. If you are active on LinkedIn, the press, internal communications or anywhere else where photos of your regularly show up, having a curated collection of images to pull from becomes more and more helpful. Having unique photos for your LinkedIn profile, Shareholders letter, client communications, annual reports etc has become a commonplace. Depending on the mood of the announcement you may want to portray a different look of confidence(I like to call this the good news/bad news portraits) or relatability. When building your brand, professionalism is important, but if you’ve already go the credentials, building trust by being personable and relatable is very valuable.

What is the process for an executive branding photoshoot?

Our process will vary depending on a handful of circumstances – Where are we doing the shoot? If we are doing it in our studio it will be a much more compact experience than if we are going into your space with our team and equipment as we normally do for CEO photography and executive portraits and other C-Suite executives. Doing the work in your office or space allows for a much more customized look, whether it’s showing off a brand new office, the view’s from your space, or just hoping for a more unique portfolio of images this is the go to option for higher profile executives.