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Attorney Headshots NYC

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With every law firm that we work with, the specifications for their attorney headshots are different.    While in general we have found that many people prefer a more personable look, it isn’t for everyone.  We try to photograph a variety of expressions for each person who comes in for a headshots session and at the end we review their images.  A subject that always comes up, either during the shoot or during review, is what type of clients are you working with?  The type of expression a defense attorney or litigator may use might be very different than someone handling a private estate or general corporate work.  In the end it comes down to personal preference, you have to look like someone who is both confident and can get the work done and as an attorney you and your expertise are the asset you are selling to your clients.

Make your first impression with an excellent lawyer headshot.

We do headshots for lawyers on every level; from first year associates to high level lateral partners.  We understand that often times lawyer headshots need to be done discretely, quickly and present your personal brand at the highest level.  At Camera 1 we have been helping attorneys look their best for over 3 decades, or team has the expertise to make even the person who was up until 5am working on a case look their best.  We understand the long hours you are putting in and recognize that your time is extremely valuable, so we do our best to keep things as efficient as possible so that you can get back to your billable hours.

Whether you are looking to lateral to a new firm or just starting your career, a  great headshot will help you rise above the rest.  When shopping yourself around to a firm or potential client, you should pull outlaw of the tricks to do anything you can to stand out.  With a nice bright headshot representing you we can do just that!  We create thousands of attorney headshots in NYC every year and can help you with the look you need!

Attorney Headshots NYC

Whether you are a small practice attorney, AM100 law firm, or just someone on the hunt for a new position and wants to lead with their best foot(err headshot) forward, please let us know what we can do to help!

Residential Real Estate Headshots NYC

Is your headshot like 10-years old? 😬

So often people let their old headshot live forever as their LinkedIn profile photo. Is your current LinkedIn profile picture from college or from when you first setup your profile? People always ask us how often they should get a new headshot. Our rule of thumb is somewhere around the 3-5 year mark. Your LinkedIn headshot should resemble the person showing up to the meeting, not the person you were 5 years ago.

Commercial Real Estate Headshots NYC

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