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LinkedIn Headshots NYC

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LinkedIn Headshots package

Our Professional Headshots for LinkedIn photo packages were created exclusively for corporate executives and professionals in New York City, just like you.  Book an easy and efficient headshots session at NYC’s premier corporate photography studio.

You Only Have Once Chance To Make A Great First Impression!​

Build a strong personal brand

Your headshot is part of your personal brand, it is important to keep it consistent with the way you look and the attitude that surrounds you. I deal with thousands of individuals every year who are having a new headshot done for LinkedIn or their corporate directory. When we sit down together and review the images, the most important topic that comes up is what kind of clients they are dealing with. A lawyer headshot can vary depending on the type of work they do, someone dealing with trusts and estates might look much much different than a white collar litigator.

Make your first impression work for you.

Your LinkedIn profile picture is often the first impression a hiring manager will have of you. If you are job hunting, a current professional headshot will represent you and show that you hold yourself in higher standards than Bob whose profile photo is him at an event without the beer bottle not quite completely cropped out of the frame. With everything else equal in that scenario, who do you think the hiring manager will call back first?

Get started with a clean new headshot for Linkedin. Is your current headshot a dark photo taken when you were dressed well, but on an iPhone in a poorly lit area? I recommend a nice clean background for a LinkedIn profile photo. With the image being so small, I tend to recommend a background that is a simple gray or white so that they can be the focus of the image. Sure you may have an incredible view from your office, but the truth of the matter for an environmental portrait, you need to be able to see the whole image, once cropped up tight for LinkedIn, the background doesn’t matter as much.

In NYC Headshots Are Extremely Important!

  • Your Headshot Follows You Everywhere

    Once you begin your career, are on the company website and begin to have a presence on LinkedIn, you will never be completely anonymous on the internet again.  Getting your headshot done by a professional.
  • Remote Workers Are Flash Judged By Their LinkedIn Headshot

    We all know that in 2022 the lateral job market is extremely strong.  As companies grow leaner, time becomes more valuable and with that the recruiting process is leaned out. When a recruiter clicks on a LinkedIn profile and the person has a great headshot, this shows that they take pride in the way they are presented professionally.  When all credentials are the same and it’s time for a round of interviews, would you want to bring in the person with a professional headshot or the one who has a photo of them from a cocktail party, with the wine flute barely cropped out of the shot?

  • Your Self Presentation Could Mean A Higher Salary 

We all know that every job has a salary range.  Some firms(looking at you lawyers) have a pretty set standard of what one can expect for a salary.  But in so many fields, that range can be vast.  No one want’s to settle for the low end of the range.  When you walk in(or Zoom in) for your interview, you want the recruiter on the other side to already have an idea of what to expect.  It has long been known that a great LinkedIn Profile Photo can lead to a higher floor for salary negotiations.  While a professional headshot may seem expensive in face value, the thousands of additional dollars in your salary will quickly out weigh that expense.


LinkedIn Headshots NYC

It’s time to level-up your personal brand. Whether you’re searching for a new job, just landed a new role, or you’re ready to improve your digital image, a professional headshot will make your stand out from the pack.

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Hi, I’m Patrick Nugent, lead photographer at Camera 1.

Over the past 10-years I’ve helped countless people like you at critical times in their careers to improve their personal image. It all starts with a professional headshot. You need a strong personal brand to be taken seriously in today’s business environment. Your profile photo is the first thing people see when they search for you. With a LinkedIn profile that is full of achievements, you need a professional Linkedin photo to go alongside them. Cut through the competition and draw the right attention.


Ready to level up your personal brand?

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Is your Linkedin headshot like 10-years old? 😬

So often people let their old headshot live forever as their LinkedIn profile photo. Is your current LinkedIn profile picture from college or from when you first setup your profile? People always ask us how often they should get a new headshot. Our rule of thumb is somewhere around the 3-5 year mark. Your LinkedIn headshot should resemble the person showing up to the meeting, not the person you were 5 years ago.

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