Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton & camera 1 crew
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One of our regular financial clients recently hired us for a special event. In addition to event photography, the job involved providing high quality souvenir prints of their guests with another, very special guest of theirs, Hillary Clinton. Like most photo shoots involving public figures or celebrities, the job was fast paced and there was … Continued

Pauline’s Rockette Wish

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Geoff recently met up with 87 year-old Pauline Clark to photograph her fulfilling her lifelong dream of dancing with the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday, December 8. Pictured here with Rockette Lindsey Howe (black pants & black rockette t-shirt), Pauline became the oldest woman to dance with the Rockettes, a wish that was … Continued

Corporate Law

Corporate Photography for Fried Frank
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Larry and Geoff headed down to the southern tip of Manhattan to photograph working shots of some attorneys at one of New York’s most prestigious law firms. Scoping out different locations throughout their office, more than a few scenarios were photographed using their employees and their spaces. Below are a couple of samples of what … Continued