JDRF’s Children Congress

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Every couple years, the whole Camera 1 crew, has the opportunity to photograph and document JDRF’s Children’s Congress event. Over 150 children, and many adults, affected both directly and indirectly by type 1 diabetes travel to Washington DC in order to bring awareness to the disease and the hardships faced by those who live with … Continued

Vice President Biden with JDRF

JDRF Childrens Congress 2013
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A long 4th of July weekend was cut short for the Camera 1 crew when they headed down to Washington DC on Sunday for the JDRF’s bi-annual children’s visit to congress.  The highlight of the 4 day long event happened just prior to a Type 1 Diabetes based Senate hearing when Vice President Biden made … Continued

JDRF, Ray Allen, USA Today Insert.

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Larry headed down to Florida recently with JDRF to photograph basketball star Ray Allen and his family in their Miami home. The photos were then laid out in an insert for USA Today to raise awareness to Type 1 Diabetes. Allens wife, Shannon is a member of the JDRF Board of Directors and their son … Continued

Day Four; Hearing.

The final day of the JDRF 2011 Children’s Congress started off with visits to select Senators and Representatives and ended with a hearing in front of varying senators. On hand to plead for funds toward’s Diabetic research included Actor Kevin Kline who because active in JDRF when his son was diagnosed with diabetes.