What Should I Wear For My Professional Headshot?

When it comes to getting a professional business headshot, we have to stop for a moment and realize we are talking about a personal brand.  The image on your firms website or LinkedIn are often the first things someone will see when they search your name.  Below are some helpful hints and tips for headshots and what to wear.  The most simple way to think about it is to prepare as if you are going to a meeting with your most valuable client.  And if you have are in need of a  new headshot, and happened to be having a great day where you look and feel awesome, that might be the perfect time to call the studio and see if they can squeeze you in.  At Camera 1 we are very flexible and always make time for people when they want to come in on short notice. Contact us to make an appointment today!

  1. Tips For Men’s Headshot Outfits
  2. Tips For Women’s Headshot Outfits


Men’s Headshot Tips


Suit Colors For Headshots

90% of the people we photograph come in in a simple dark blue or black suit.  This is an excellent choice for most people as it fits the part of what a professional business headshot looks like in the eyes of people.  However, if you are really into your suit game, we’ve seen some fabulous pine striped suits that were excellently tailored and fit like a dream.  It is perfectly acceptable to go with a less traditional suit(a pattern, grey etc) but if you are going that route make sure to pay the utmost attention to details with the way it fits, a sharp grey suit on a slightly darker grey background looks absolutely incredible and will show that you have planned ahead and keep an eye on the little things.

Ties For a Headshot

Like suits, people tend to stick to the classics when choosing the best tie for a headshot. Both Red and Blue ties are timeless and continue to be great options and go very well with either a blue or black shirt.  A tie with bold stripes will also look great with most combinations.  The biggest things to avoid are seasonal ties, ties with distracting patterns and brightly colored ties that quickly become to bright in an image.

Aside from the tie choice, the knot is also very important.  If you are wearing a skinny tie, you should perfect a skinny knot, a Half Windsor,  to go with it.  For a thinker tie you should have a more full knot, a classic Full Windsor or Four-In-Hand would do the trick.

Best Shirt Styles For Headshots

When taking a headshot, we do our best to keep the focus on the face of the person being photographed.  One(often ignored) piece of advice we like to give is to avoid a pure white shirt if possible.  There are two main reasons for this:

  1. The white easily blows out and becomes the brightest part of the photo which can be distracting.
  2. The white collar tends to bounce extra light onto someones neck, making their neck look much broader than it actually is.

Once you have chosen your shirt color, check that the collar of your shirt and the tie you have chosen go together.  If you’re wearing a skinny tie, make sure that the shirt you are chosen has a narrow spread collar.  If you are going with a wide spread collar, do some research and find the best tie knot that will fill the collar and look most presentable.

Should I Shave and Get a Haircut Before My Headshot?

When it comes to a haircut and fresh shave, remember that this headshot is a representation of you.  It’s usually best to have your haircut a week or so before your appointment to give things time to settle and balance out.  Getting a haircut immediately before your headshot can lead to a bit of frustration if things don’t look quite right.  If you often sport a little stubble, then that is perfectly acceptable to show in your headshot, if you always have a very clean shave, then you might want to shave an hour or two before arriving for your portrait.  There is no right or wrong, but you should prepare as if you are going to a meeting with an important client.



Women’s Headshot Tips


What Blouse Should I Wear For My Headshot?

Solid colors are the best choice for a top, something that enhances your eyes or skin tone is always a winner.  If you feel confident in bold colors, by all means go for it!  Any piece of clothing that inspires confidence in you will bring that confidence to your face in your headshot and elevate the level of personality coming through in your photo.  One tip would be to avoid busy or seasonal patterns, patterns can easily become distracting or dated and don’t have the same longevity that solid colors offer.  Aside from colors, the neck line is very important, V-Necks tend to be very flattering because they appear to lengthen the neck.

Should I Wear A Jacket Or Sweater For My Headshot Session?

We always recommend a jacket or a sweater, the same way that men always wear a suit coat.  The extra layering of clothing helps tighten things up and can help to create a more dynamic image.  This especially important for a brightly colored blouse that can become distracting.  The jacket/sweater do not need to be ultra conservative, wear something that you love, not only will this help represent you and your brand, but will give you a boost of confidence for your headshot session.  The cut of your jacket should work well with the cut of your blouse.  Sharp lines go well with sharp lines(and look incredible!) but a sharp jacket overlaying a simple blouse will also look incredible.

What Jewelry Should I Wear For My Professional Headshot?

Depending on how your hair falls, ear rings may or may not show up in your headshot.  If they do, keep it simple.  Gold and silver earrings can easily catch highlights from professional lighting which could become distracting.  A simple stud, pearl or not, is definitely the way to go!

As far as necklaces, think about where your headshot will be cropped for your professional uses.  If the place where your headshot will be used most has a looser crop and shows more of you, you can get away with almost any necklace.  However if the prominent use is LinkedIn, or your firm crops things very tightly, a princess or choker style necklace will work best.  In a tight image you will miss out on seeing the longer necklace and instead it will appear as distracting lines going through the lower portion of your image.

How Should I Have My Hair and Makeup Done For My Headshot?

Do what works best for you!  Hair is something that can either be something that everyone notices, or no one will notice.  If you enjoy pampering yourself with a blowout and working with a professional makeup artist, by all means build time into your schedule to get this done prior to your headshot, we even work with a few professional MUA’s and can facilitate this if needed as well.  This isn’t for everyone though.  If you are going for a more ‘strictly business’ look and do not want your hair done differently than normal, or a change in your daily makeup, by all means, be you!  Being yourself is the most important part of your headshot, and the way you feel most confident will always help you feel your best.

What Shoes Should I Wear For My Headshots?

While your shoes will not be the focus of the image(and not even in the image) many women feel a bit more confident in heals and that confidence shines through in the final image.  The subliminal effect of wearing your favorite heels or pumps might make a huge difference in the final image, confidence is key!

Once you have chosen the perfect outfit for your headshot, head on over to view some of our additional headshot tips!